Bedrock Kitchen and Bath Products

Bedrock Kitchen and Bath, LLC prides itself with an enormous selection of granite, marble and quartz products.  Unbeatable deals, outstanding customer service, superior fabrication ability and top notch installation all come together to give the highest quality finished product. Bedrock Kitchen and Bath, LLC continuously exceeds expectations and strives to become your number one choice for all of your custom natural stone and engineered quartz needs.


Granite Selection

Bedrock Kitchen and Bath is able to provide its customers with the best price on granite due to the fact we purchase many of our materials direct from the quarry,  whereas our (so called) competition is still purchasing material from a supplier (The Middle Man).  We bypass the middleman markups and pass the savings on to you, our valued customer.

Quartz Selection

Quartz (sometimes called Quartzite) is another natural stone material used to make kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is sought after primarily because quartz is a crystalline substance of much beauty and depth that adds shimmering good looks to any surface.



Marble is a higher-end surface with stunning natural beauty as its main selling point. Marble countertops have much the same finish as granite, but the rich details, crystals and earthy colors are preferred by many Bedrock Kitchen and Bath buyers for kitchen installation. India is one of the world’s largest producers of high quality marble block for manufacture into countertops.