Bedrock Enigma

The fame of Nefertiti’s beauty has overcome the barrier of time and space. Her image is considered the most beautiful that the ancient world has left us. Enigma wants to convey that Egyptian beauty and passion through the golden veins of this stunning surface, thus reaching the Olympus of the most beautiful and enigmatic stones in history.


Bedrock Enigma

A color of white marble hard to forget, with a deep and tasteful pattern, based on fine nerves, accompanied by small and spontaneous grey veins on a subtle pure white background. A great personality, which allows creating unique spaces, which will persist in everyone’s memory.


Bedrock Enigma

Sphinx is an exquisite combination of soft whites and dusty grays that swirl together in a timeless marble pattern. Create beautiful surfaces, countertops, shower surrounds, accent walls, and other design features throughout homes and commercial properties.


Bedrock Enigma

A marble design of renowned finery, Valley is characterized by an ultra white background with veining offers varying shades of grey, a marble pattern that recalls some of the most beautiful Tuscan marbles. A material capable of offering personality and grace to any space.

Pharaon Silk Finish

Bedrock Enigma

Refined yet striking vast grey veins confronting a pure white background. A very realistic pattern which confers classicism and style to any space. Imagine the unthinkable. Venture onward to new creations based on the solid ground of science, while always exemplifying a timeless beauty.


Bedrock Enigma

Ramses stands out for its fine and elegant gray veins that intersect on a soft white background. These are the characteristics that make this engineered surface one of the most distinguished and known in the world. Ramses is also one of the most versatile surfaces, because its clear tone allows it to combine perfectly with other marbles and materials in any environment you want to design.

The possibilities offered by Ramses are limitless and the end result is always extraordinary.

Suitable for all styles, this marble can be used both on floors and walls, as well as in bathrooms and countertops.